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August 10, 2020
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Fantastic Family Activities For Father's Day Fun

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Father's Day means the start of summer, a great time to celebrate Dads everywhere. Create Father's Day fun by planning a day full of activities Dads, kids, and even Moms will love. The celebration isn't complete without a tasty meal and gifts for Dad.

Outdoor Activities for Father's Day

Head out into the sun for a fun Father's Day. Pick an activity that Dad loves and that the kids participate in as well. Try one of these:

Mini-Golf - If your Dad loves golfing but the little kids aren't up to walking the course, going to a putt-putt course is a great compromise. If you have a large enough backyard, you can try making your own mini-golf course at home, which means you'll beat the lines at a regular course.
Fishing - Fishing a great way to bond with Dad. It's also a great way to catch dinner! Plan a day long trip fishing at your family's favorite river or lake. Remember to get fishing permits or any other required licenses before the big day.
Beach Trip - In a lot of areas, it's warm enough by Father's Day to head to the beach. Bring blankets, umbrellas, and your swimsuits for a day of fun. If Dad likes volleyball, bring one along and see if you can get a game going.
Trip to a Ball Game - Go out to the ball game and take Dad to see his favorite team play. You will get to enjoy family bonding time, time outdoors, and a few hotdogs.

Indoor Activities for Father's Day

Rain or chilly weather doesn't have to spoil Father's Day. Have a few indoor activities on the back burner just in case or for a Dad who doesn't particularly like the outdoors.

Museum Trip - Whether Dad enjoys art or an aquarium, or even a zoo, you can have a lot of fun on Father's Day. Visit a natural history museum to learn about dinosaurs, animals and life around you. Take an art-loving Dad to a gallery or local art museum.
Game Day - Create a fun Father's Day by holding a family game day. Let each family member select their favorite board or card game, and then play throughout the day. You can also turn the game day into a tournament and play the same game all day.
Father's Day Feast - When you have a family that loves food, creating a Father's Day that celebrates the gustatory delights of a true feast can be the best way to enjoy the day. Depending on their age, the kids can help Mom prepare several of Dad's favorite dishes. You can also have the kids make the ultimate Dad-themed centerpiece for your table as well.

Create Father's Day fun that matches your family's tastes and hobbies. When it comes the activities you have, it doesn't matter if it's indoors or out, Dad will have a fantastic Father's Day.


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